Elusive Saviours: Transnational Corporations and Sustainable Development

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März 1996



Throughout the UNCED process, government delegates from the North and the South were unable to agree on clear and binding global environmental regulations. In the wake of this stalemate in international politics, the international business community projected itself as a 'problem solver' - the green alternative. Where governments could not agree on a strategy for sustainable development, the business community stepped in with its own strategies. Transnational corporations have tremendous economic power. They are certainly in a position to encourage and promote sustainable development. But they are also the source of many local and international environmental problems. Are they truly in a position to become the new green guide? How good are their plans for sustainable development? Is their pervasive economic power an obstacle or a lever for sustainable development? Hans Heerings and Ineke Zeldenrust explore these questions in Elusive Saviours, comparing the present - post-UNCED - practice of transnational corporations with their promises. They conclude that, while transnationals have adopted many new environmental measures, these fail to promote sustainable development. Transnational corporations, by the very nature of their internationality, are able to evade countries with strict environmental legislation. It is clearer than ever that we need internationally binding environmental regulations.

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