Wagner and Wagnerism in Nineteenth-Century Sweden, Finland, and the Baltic Provinces: Reception, Enthusiasm, Cult

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November 2005



An exploration of how Wagner's operas were performed and received in the theaters of Stockholm and other cities of the region.


Hannu Salmi is Professor of Cultural History at the University of Torku


Detailed and meticulously researched, pioneering, even more important as the documentary account of a vibrant and thriving musical culture in a complex geographical region that is only just beginning to attract scholarly interest... The production quality of Salmi's book is very high... Real joys for the reader are the many illustrative images of Baltic towns. MUSIC AND LETTERS An extraordinary book, painstakingly researched... Salmi throws light on the operatic tastes and repertoire of the Baltic regions in the mid 19th century, in addition to outlining Wagner's own musical activity in the area. New to most Wagnerians will be the amount of local mythology and indeed folk music the composer absorbed during his engagement in Riga, which gave rise to ... (apparently) traces of Livonian folklore in the final scene of Die Walku"re and the "Flieder" monologue in Die Meistersinger... A model for approaching a subject of this type. --Mike Ashman, OPERA magazine This book not only enlarges the understanding of Wagnerism in general in the nineteenth century, it also supplements the music histories of Baltic countries with a wealth of information and copiously detailed references. The text is delightfully illustrated. MLA NOTES Wagner's connections with Scandinavia and the Baltic countries are more far-reaching than generally supposed, and Hannu Salmi's exhaustively researched study throws fascinating light on the contemporary reception of his works and ideas in that part of the world. --Barry Millington
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