Basics of Methodology

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English language today has become the world language, as it is now an international medium for communication. This book is written with the purpose of helping pre-service and in-service teachers majoring in English as a foreign or second language. The book begins by approaches to language teaching . Then , a chapter is devoted to help student-teachers plan their English language lessons . behavioral objectives and how to write them are manipulated. Chapter four aims atclassroom management plans. Chapter five is devoted to presenting and practicing vocabulary .Then, chapter six is talking about methods of presenting grammar lessons . Chapters from seven to nine give a detailed idea about the four skills of English language .Finally, chapter ten is talking about micro-teaching and gives us an idea about its stages and skills in addition to its importance in developing teachers'professional career after g raduation.


Hanan Ahmed Sanad works as EFL teacher in Egypt. She has got a master degree in TEFL from College of Education ,Benha university, Egypt. She has gained an experience in teaching college students in Saudi Arabia. Also, she has two diplomas in curricula and instruction .
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