Building And Deploying A Change Management Strategy

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April 2015



This book contributes to knowledge in providing a change management strategy model (CMSM) besides assisting change management studies. The findings indicate that the success change management strategy must consist of three phases: preparing to change, implementation of change , and measuring the impact . In the preparing-to-change phase, organisational leadership should prepare to change organisation culture. Organizational change management and leaders must by watching for people, organisation and culture. Then, in the implementation of change phase, organisations must apply the following factors: project leadership / team effectiveness factors, end-user communication factor, culture factor, end-user training / involvement factors and development factor. Finally, in measuring the impact on people, organisations must measure the impact of change strategy factors on the end-user, organisations also pay attention to feedback of the previous three phases to improve the change management strategy. The finding can be used to guide organisation to achieving and sustaining excellence in order to increase the organizational maturity levels.


Hamzah Altamony is a business transformation leader and a strategic developer. He possesses knowledge, professional expertise in management consulting, strategic planning practice, business excellence and guidance with small, medium and large organizations in the private and public sector.
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