Competence-Based Competition

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September 1994



This volume deals with the beginning of a new era in the theory of strategic management. New concepts and techniques are developed and the fundamentals of the content and the process of strategic management are questioned in depth. Using a resource-based perspective, the concept of core competence allows a proactive construction of competence, perceives competence as spanning multiple businesses, and observes competition as being over the acquisition and development of competence. Contributions to the book consider the competition between strategic issues. Is strategic management about reacting, anticipating or orchestrating all resources towards the realization of the desirable future of the company? Within this field of paradigms the concept of 'core competence' is gaining more and more importance in the area of strategic management. This book aims to show that it is necessary to have a sound theory of strategic management which has pragmatic relevance, face validity for the business community and close links to the daily practice of strategic management. Competence-based Competition will be of enormous benefit to undergraduates and graduates on management courses.


Partial table of contents: TOWARDS A THEORY OF STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT FROM A CORE COMPETENCE POINT OF VIEW. The Concept of Core Competence (G. Hamel). Strategy as a Situational Puzzle: The Fit of Components (I. Bogaert, et al.). LINKING COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND CORE COMPETENCE. Core Competence and Competitive Advantage: A Model and Illustrative Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry (W. Bogner & H. Thomas). STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT PRACTICE FROM A CORE COMPETENCE POINT OF VIEW. The Measurement of a Competitora s Core Competence (R. Klavans). Organizational Learning and a Firma s Core Competence (D. Helleloid & B. Simonin). Index.


About the editors Gary Hamel is Professor of Strategic and International Management at London Business School. He came to LBS from the Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Michigan, where he taught International Management. Gary has worked extensively at board level in many of the worlda s most successful multinationals. His current research interests centre on the challenge of competing in global industries, on the problems of managing international strategic alliances and the value--added of top management. He is a member of the editorial board of the Strategic Management Journal and has written various articles, some of which won McKinsey awards. His path--breaking concepts have been put to work in hundreds of companies including Kodak, AT&T, EDS and Dow Chemical. Aime Heene has a PhD in educational sciences and and MBA from De Vlerick School voor Management (University of Ghent, Belgium). After a ten--year career in consulting he joined De Vlerick School voor Management in 1989. He is head of the department of strategic management, a partner at De Vlerick School voor Management, and associate professor at the University of Ghent (Belgium). He chaired the International Workshop "Competence--Based Competition". His main domains of interest are: competitive strategy, human resource management, organization and the application of systems dynamics in the field of strategy implementation. He has published a number of articles on competitive strategy and the relationships between human resource management and competitive strategy.
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