The Atom Station

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A social satire on politics and politicians. Laxness won the Nobel Prize for Literature and his published books span more than 60 years.


HALLDOR LAXNESS (1902-98) was born near Reykjavik, Iceland. His first novel was published when he was 17. The undisputed master of contemporary Icelandic fiction and one of the outstanding novelists of the twentieth century, his work was translated into more than 30 languages. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1955.


"Laxness is a poet who writes to the edges of the pages, a visionary who allows us a plot." -- Fay Weldon Daily Telegraph "To read Laxness is to discover an extra taste bud. He creates a world that belongs in another dimension." -- Nicholas Shakespeare "An extraordinary book, brimming with little wisdoms, funny episodes, sharp phrases...and a determined optimism of spirit" The Times "Laxness was a genius" New York Review of Books "Magnus Magnusson's translation reads smoothly and skilfully renders Laxness's dry and quirky wit" Times Literary Supplement
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