Great Feuds in Medicine: Ten of the Liveliest Disputes Ever

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Februar 2001



"An exciting, well-researched work, which should appeal to anyone with an interest in the nature and progress of the human race." "American Scientist The cataclysmic clash of medical ideas and personalities comes to colorful life In this follow-up to the critically acclaimed "Great Feuds in Science (Wiley: 0-471-16980-3), Hal Hellman tells the stories of the ten most heated and important disputes of medical science. Featuring a mix of famous and lesser-known stories, "Great Feuds in Medicine includes the fascinating accounts of William Harvey's battle with the medical establishment over his discovery of the circulation of blood; Louis Pasteur's fight over his theory of germs; and the nasty dispute between American Robert Gallo and French researcher Luc Montagnier over who discovered the HIV virus. An informative and insightful look at how such medical controversies are not only typical, but often necessary to the progress of the science.


Acknowledgments. Introduction. Harvey versus Primrose, Riolan, and the Anatomists: Circulation of the Blood. Galvani versus Volta: Animal Electricity. Semmelweis versus the Viennese Medical Establishment: Childbed Fever. Bernard versus Chemists, Physicians, and Antivivisectionists: Experimental Medicine. Pasteur versus Liebig, Pouchet, and Koch: Fermentation, Spontaneous Generation, and Germ Theory. Golgi versus Ramon y Cajal: The Nerve Network. Freud versus Moll, Breuer, Jung, and Many Others: Psychoanalysis. Sabin versus Salk: The Polio Vaccine. Franklin versus Wilkins: The Structure of DNA. Gallo versus Montagnier: The AIDS War. Epilogue. Notes. Bibliography. Index.


HAL HELLMAN is the author of twenty-seven popular science books, including Great Feuds in Science and the six-book series World of the Future. He has also written science articles for such periodicals as the New York Times, Omni, Reader's Digest, Psychology today, and Geo.


"The author has clearly read every secondary source... A simple but solid introduction to the history of medicine." (Kirkus Reviews) "This engaging book documents such reactions in 10 of the most heated controversies and rivalries in medical history...the disputes detailed are equally is delicious stuff here." (The New York Times, Tuesday, September 4, 2001) "..This is an interesting book..."(British Medical Journal, 1 September 2001)
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