Communities of Networked Expertise

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November 2004



The authors examine theories and models that help to understand individual and social aspects of processes of learning, development of expertise, knowledge creation, and innovation. These processes are studied both in the contexts of education and work, and are illuminated with numerous examples, and interview data.


Introduction. Part I. The Knowledge-Acquisition Perspective. Expert Knowledge as the Basis of Human Competence. Dynamic Development of Expertise. Organizational Support for Dynamic Development of Expertise. Part II. The Participation Perspective. Participation in Communities of Expertise. Networks of Knowledge Sharing. Facilitating Organizational Intelligence through Knowledge Management. Part III. The Knowledge-Creation Perspective. Models of Innovative Knowledge Communities. Role of Conceptual and Material Artifacts in Knowledge Creation. The Dynamic Nature of Innovative Knowledge Communities. Individual and Social Aspects of Knowledge Creation. Part IV. Educating for Networked Expertise. Acquisition Perspective: Developing Basic Knowledge and Competencies for Expertise. Participation Perspective: Organizing Networking Relations Between Learners and Expert Communities. Knowledge-Creation Perspective: Facilitating Progressive Inquiry in Education. Concluding Remarks: Relational Nature of Networked Expertise.
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