Tracking Faces in Grayscale Video Sequences with "Binary Direction Vectors"

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Mai 2008



This diploma thesis introduces a novel, color-
independent feature for image analysis.
Furthermore, it describes an application prototype
using this feature for face-tracking and its
extensive evaluation.
The main achievement of this thesis is the
development of an alternative, simple and robust
basis for face-tracking solutions and other image
processing purposes. This novel method allows the
encoding of local, structural features that are
recognizeable in gray-scale images as so-called
Binary Direction Vectors (BDVs). This
of structural information is successfully combined
with the existing tracking algorithm "OpenCV
CAMSHIFT Tracker", to demonstrate the simple
handling of BDVs. The tracking precision of the
CAMSHIFT/BDV combination is increased by modifying
the statistical analysis that is used by the
tracking algorithm.
The supremacy of the modified version of the
tracking algorithm over the original version is
proved with an extensive empirical evaluation.
evaluation series also demonstrate how tracking
systems can be compared in a precise and
scientifically founded way.


Hajo Hoffmann - Dipl. Inform. - born 1980.
Graduation in Computational Visualistics at the University of Koblenz-Landau
(Germany). Writing of this diploma thesis at the Tampere University of
Technology (Finland).
Today Systems Engineer & Consultant at the SOPHIST GmbH in Nuremberg (Germany).
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Untertitel: Introduction and Evaluation of Binary Direction Vectors as a New Local Structural Feature for Tracking Faces with the "OpenCV CAMSHIFT Tracker". Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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