Food Oils and Fats

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This is a basic reference/textbook for professionals and students involved with these important oils and fats. It is a valuable source of information for those preparing for or already professionally as­ sociated with the Food Processing and Foodservice industries. Chapters one through six deal with the technology of oils and fats, including sources, chemical structure, physical and chemical properties, and processing techniques. Chapters seven through twelve are devoted to the utilization of oils and fats in Food Manufacturing and Foodservice, including deep frying, griddling, baking of all types, salad dressings, margarines, hard butters, and dairy product re­ placements. The last four chapters contain a most complete and up­ to-date treatment of nutrition, as well as the latest developments in analytical methods, flavor, and product development as they relate to oils and fats. This book contains the necessary information for an understand­ ing of how oils and fats are used in the food industry and how this information is used to set standards and meet performance goals. In a thoroughly readable way it is a how-to-do, hands-on treatise on using oils and fats for every major food use. ix Acknowledgments I gratefully acknowledge many friends at Procter & Gamble who provided updated material, some currently employed and some re­ cently retired. Fred J. Baur, formerly of Procter & Gamble, wrote the updated chapters related to Analytical Methods, Flavor, Nutri­ tion, and Dietary Considerations.


Definitions And Overview. The Basic Chemistry of Oils and Fats. Common Chemical Reactions. Physical Properties. Sources of Oils and Fats. Processing Technology. Deep Fat Frying . Griddling and Pan Frying. Salad/Cooking Oil Usage. Baking Technology (Including Icings for Baked Goods). Doughnut Technology. Other Large Commercial Uses. Nutritional Aspects of Oils and Fats. Analytical Methods for Oils and Fats. Food Product Development. Flavor. Index
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