The Business of Empire: The East India Company and Imperial Britain, 1756-1833

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Study of the impact in Britain when the East India Company acquired a South Asian 'empire' .


1. Introduction; 2. Relationships: city, state, and empire; 3. Relationships: government and Company; 4. People: investors in empire; 5. People: company men; 6. Methods: an empire in writing; 7. Methods: the government of empire; 8. Methods: the management of trade; 9. Influences: the Company and the British economy; Afterword.


H. V. Bowen is Senior Lecturer in Economic and Social History at the University of Leicester. His previous books include Elites, Enterprise, and the Making of the Briish Overseas Empire, 1688-1775 (1996); and War and British Society, 1688-1815 (1998).


Review of the hardback: 'In many places he paints with a broad brush but, using the Company's ledgers, he does so with accuracy and an eye for detail that brings India and China, Britain and Europe, into the board room ... Bowen and Cambridge University Press are to be congratulated on producing a very important book.' History Review of the hardback: 'This is a careful and thorough study of an important but often ignored aspect of the history of the East Indian phenomenon.' Contemporary Review Review of the hardback: 'This is a remarkable feat of scholarship that will immediately become an indispensable guide to later history of the British East India Company ... Bowen's study provides a wealth of new information on many aspects of the company's operations in Britain in the century after the conquest of Bengal in 1756.' Times Higher Education Supplement Review of the hardback: '... Bowen ... writes in a highly readable jargon-free style. One of the measures of his success in producing such a stimulating work,which will undoubtedly become a 'standard', is the way that reading him provokes so many thoughts of further research possibilities.' Asian Affairs
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