Nonlinear Controllability and Optimal Control

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Synthesis, presynthesis, sufficient conditions for optimality and subanalytic sets, H.J. Sussmann; upper and lower semicontinuous differential inclusions - a unified approach, Alberto Bressan; global controllability by nice controls, Kevin A. Grasse and H.J. Sussmann; integrability of certain distributions associated with actions on manifolds and applications to control problems, Eduardo D. Sontag; right and left invertibility of nonlinear control systems, Witold Respondek; equivalence and invariants of nonlinear control systems, Bronislaw Jakubczyk; dual variational methods in optimal control theory, Alberto Bressan; invariance of extremals, Stanislaw Lojasiewicz, Jr; symplectic geometry for optimal control, A.A. Agrachev and R.V. Gamkrelidze; linear systems with quadratic costs, Velimir Jurdjevic; the ubiquity of Fuller's phenomenon, Ivan A.K. Kupka; regularity properties of optimal trajectories - recently developed techniques, Heinz Schattler; graded and nilpotent approximations of input-output systems, Peter E. Crouch; high-order small-time local controllability, Matthias Kawski.
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