Topological Vector Spaces

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Intended as a systematic text on topological vector spaces, this text assumes familiarity with the elements of general topology and linear algebra. Similarly, the elementary facts on Hilbert and Banach spaces are not discussed in detail here, since the book is mainly addressed to those readers who wish to go beyond the introductory level. Each of the chapters is preceded by an introduction and followed by exercises, which in turn are devoted to further results and supplements, in particular, to examples and counter-examples, and hints have been given where appropriate. This second edition has been thoroughly revised and includes a new chapter on C^* and W^* algebras.


Prerequisites.- A. Sets and Order.- B. General Topology.
- C. Linear Algebra.
- I. Topological Vector Spaces.- 1 Vector Space Topologies.- 2 Product Spaces, Subspaces, Direct Sums, Quotient Spaces.- 3 Topological Vector Spaces of Finite Dimension.- 4 Linear Manifolds and Hyperplanes.- 5 Bounded Sets.- 6 Metrizability.- 7 Complexification.- Exercises.
- II. Locally Convex Topological Vector Spaces.- 1 Convex Sets and Semi-Norms.- 2 Normed and Normable Spaces.- 3 The Hahn-Banach Theorem.- 4 Locally Convex Spaces.- 5 Projective Topologies.- 6 Inductive Topologies.- 7 Barreled Spaces.- 8 Bornological Spaces.- 9 Separation of Convex Sets.- 10 Compact Convex Sets.- Exercises.
- III. Linear Mappings.- 1 Continuous Linear Maps and Topological Homomorphisms.- 2 Banach's Homomorphism Theorem.- 3 Spaces of Linear Mappings.- 4 Equicontinuity. The Principle of Uniform Boundedness and the Banach-Steinhaus Theorem.- 5 Bilinear Mappings.- 6 Topological Tensor Products.- 7 Nuclear Mappings and Spaces.- 8 Examples of Nuclear Spaces.- 9 The Approximation Property. Compact Maps.- Exercises.
- IV. Duality.- 1 Dual Systems and Weak Topologies.- 2 Elementary Properties of Adjoint Maps.- 3 Locally Convex Topologies Consistent with a Given Duality.The Mackey-Arens Theorem.- 4 Duality of Projective and Inductive Topologies.- 5 Strong Dual of a Locally Convex Space. Bidual. Reflexive Spaces.- 6 Dual Characterization of Completeness. Metrizable Spaces. Theorems of Grothendieck, Banach-Dieudonné, and Krein-smulian.- 7 Adjoints of Closed Linear Mappings.- 8 The General Open Mapping and Closed Graph Theorems.- 9 Tensor Products and Nuclear Spaces.- 10 Nuclear Spaces and Absolute Summability.- 11 Weak Compactness. Theorems of Eberlein and Krein.- Exercises.
- V. Order Structures.- 1 Ordered Vector Spaces over the Real Field.- 2 Ordered Vector Spaces over the Complex Field.- 3 Duality of Convex Cones.- 4 Ordered Topological Vector Spaces.- 5 Positive Linear Forms and Mappings.- 6 The Order Topology.- 7 Topological Vector Lattices.- 8 Continuous Functions on a Compact Space. Theorems of Stone-Weierstrass and Kakutani.- Exercises.
- VI. C*-and W*-Algebras.- 1 Preliminaries.- 2 C*-Algebras.The Gelfand Theorem.- 3 Order Structure of a C*-Algebra.- 4 Positive Linear Forms. Representations.- 5 Projections and Extreme Points.- 6 W*-Algebras.- 7 Von Neumann Algebras. Kaplansky's Density Theorem.- 8 Projections and Types of W*-Algebras.- Exercises.- Appendix. Spectral Properties of Positive Operators.- 1 Elementary Properties of the Resolvent.- 2 Pringsheim's Theorem and Its Consequences.- 3 The Peripheral Point Spectrum.- Index of Symbols.


"The book has firmly established itself both as a superb introduction to the subject and as a very common source of reference. It is beccoming evident that the book itself will only become irrelevant and pale into insignificance when (and if!) the entire subject of topological vector spaces does. An attractive feature of the book is that it is essentially self-contained, and thus perfectly suitable for senior students having a basic training in the area of elementary functional analysis and set-theoretic topology. My view - let even possibly biased for sentimental resasons - is that the book under review would make for a very practical and useful addition to every matahemtaician's personal office collection."
Vladimir Pestov in Nesletter of the New Zealand Mathematical Society, August 2000
Second Edition
H.H. Schaefer and M.P. Wolff
Topological Vector Spaces
"The reliable textbook, highly esteemed by several generations of students since its first edition in 1966 . . . The book contains a large number of interesting exercises . . . the book of Schaefer and Wolff is worth reading."-ZENTRALBLATT MATH
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