An Introduction to Tropical Food Science

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This introduction to tropical food science addresses the needs of two groups of people. First, there are those living in the tropics who require a simple introductory text. Food science is perhaps the most important science affecting their lives. The second group consists of students, administrators, and workers in industry and research in temperate zones, who are concerned with food problems but who have no firsthand knowledge of the tropics. The text provides a concise and accessible guide to all the major elements of the subject, including the nutritional value of tropical foodstuffs, its digestion, and the preparation and preservation of food. The author has taken care to avoid the use of jargon and the text is supplemented by many useful and explanatory illustrations.


Preface; Part I. Foundations of Food Science: 1. The tropics: an introduction; 2. The nutritive value of food; 3. Digestion and absorption of food; 4. Nutritional needs through life; 5. The texture, colour and flavour of food; 6. Food microbiology; Part II. The Composition of Food: 7. Cereals and legumes; 8. Fruits and vegetables; 9. Non-alcoholic beverages; 10. Sugar and other sweeteners; 11. Foods of animal origin; Part III. Food Preparation and Preservation: 12. From kitchen to food factory; 13. Food preparation; 14. Food fermentations; 15. Food preservation; 16. Food additives; 17. Food, hygiene and health; Appendixes; Index.


"...interesting and provides a good overview of food science in the tropics. Because more fruits and vegetables are coming from tropical countries, administrative and clinical dietitians will find this book useful." Journal of the American Dietetic Association
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