Allium Crop Science: Recent Advances

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Juli 2002



The Alliums are some of the most ancient cultivated crops and include onions, garlic, leeks and other related plants. The primary aim of this book is to bring together, in a single volume, up-to-date knowledge obtained by a variety of scientific disciplines, from the basic molecular level, to application in the field, of the allium crops. It contains commissioned chapters on topics that have shown major advances particularly in the last 10 years such as molecular biology, floriculture and agronomy. Contributors include leading world authorities from Europe, the USA, Japan and New Zealand.


Evolution, domestication and taxonomy; florigenesis; regaining fertility in garlic; chemical and molecular markers in alliums; transformation and somatic hybridization; exploitation of wild relatives ofr the breeding of onions; genome organization of allium; flavour and pungency; onion curing and storage - recent advances; health and alliums; onion cultivars in the tropics; biofertilizers and organic production methods; forecasting pest and disease attacks in onions; bacterial diseases; production and multiplication of virus-free garlic; shallots, ornamental alliums and leeks.


"This book will be of value to all those interested in the biological aspects of alliums, as well as scientists, horticulturalists and botanists."
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