The Birth of Modern Politics in Spain: Democracy, Association and Revolution, 1854-75

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An in-depth study of the reception of Democratic ideas in mid-19th Century Spain on the provincial and local level, and how they influenced the political process and fuelled the numerous conspiracies and insurrections directed at the Bourbon monarchy, between the failed uprisings in Spain in 1848 and the First Republic in 1873.


Illustrations and Maps Acknowledgements Abbreviations and Glossary PART
I: PARTY, TOWN AND THE CULTURE OF CLANDESTINITY, 1843-1861 The Bienio Progresista in Eastern Andalucía, 1854-1856 The Moderado Restoration and Democrat Conspiracy, 1856-1857 Ballots, Conspiracies and Insurrection in Málaga and Granada, 1857-59 The Advance of Democracy in Eastern Andalucía , 1860-1861 PART
II: THE REVOLUTION OF THE BLACKSMITHS, JULY 1861 The Loja Revolution The Council of War in Loja The Sierra Bética: Conspiratorial Region Combating Clandestinity in Antequera, July 1861- December 1862 PART
III: CATHOLICISM AND DEMOCRACY AND THE TWILIGHT OF THE BOURBON MONARCHY, 1862- 1868 Narváez's Return and Queen Isabel's visit to Loja in 1862 'The Second Loja': Garibaldi and the Limits of Democracy in Eastern Granada, 1863-1864 Narváez and Democracy in Eastern Andalucía, 1864-1868 PART
IV: 'LA GLORIOSA': DEMOCRAT VICTORY, REPUBLICAN DEFEAT, 1868-1891 The Revolution of September 1868 in Western Granada The Sexenio Revolucionario in Antequera: From Federal Republicanism to the Socialist International, 1868-1880 Conclusion Epilogue Bibliography Index


Guy Thomson


'The book is an essential read for historians specialising in nineteenthcentury Spain and for those interested in the transnational rise of mass politics in the decades after 1848.' - Eric Storm, Leiden University, English Historical Review
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