Will McBride: Coming of Age

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Mai 1999



A chronicle of the struggles, bravado, and irrepressible sexuality of young men.

Will McBride, an American who has spent his adult life in Germany, has made one of the great extended photographic portraits of male adolescence, created over the course of his forty-year career as a photographer. In his studio work and in his reportage for such magazines as "Twen," McBride has focused on young men as they come to terms with their inner and outer development.

McBride creates a portrait of the young male that is more revealing than those available in countless books, plays, movies, and television shows. In his work, young men discover the power of their own sexuality, fall in love, suffer the imposition of the regimentation of study and religion, seek comfort, flaunt their courage, and play with the unfettered, goofy energy of boys. Clearly made in collaboration with his subjects, McBride's photographs are as telling and sensual as they are unforgettable.

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Untertitel: Photographs by Will McBride. 'Aperture Monograph S. '. colour and b&w illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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