History of the Church

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April 2003



This comprehensive study argues that church history is both a historical and theological discipline.In this fourth volume in the Handbooks of Catholic Theology series, Bedouelle presents, over 15 chapters, a theological view of church history drawn from the work of such thinkers as Jean Danielou, Gaston Fessard, Charles Journet, and Hans Urs von Balthasar. He lucidly describes the unfolding history of the church as a series of challenges -- of the Barbarians, of Feudalism, of Lay Thought, of Ideologies and Cultures. He goes on to sketch the variety of Eastern Churches and the forms of Protestantism.


Guy Bedouelle teaches at the University of Fribourg.


"This will be a history of the high points. These events, from challenge to challenge, from shocks and tremors to recovery, through conversion and successive integration, give a kind of rhythm to this tale where the believer will always be able to distinguish between the wheat and the chaff and so discover the finger of God writing on the sands of time. Guy Bedouelle
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