The Letters of Gustave Flaubert, 1857-1880

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Oktober 1982



An acknowledged master of translation, Francis Steegmuller has given us by far the most generous and varied selection of Flaubert's letters in English. He presents these with an engrossing narrative that places them in the context of the writer's life and times. Throughout this exposition in Flaubert's own words of his views on life, literature, and the passions, readers of his novels will be powerfully reminded of the fertility of his genius, and delighted by his poetic enthusiasm. Flaubert's letters are documents of life and art; lovers of literature and of the literary adventure can rejoice in this edition.


Introduction I. The Writing of SalammbO, 1857-1862 II. The Battle of SalammbO, 1862-1863 III. Interlude: Society, 1863-1866 IV. The Beginning of l'Education Sentimentale, 1863-1866 V. Enter George Sand. The Completion and Reception of l'Education Sentimentale, 1866-1869 VI. Interlude: Early 1870 VII. The War and the Commune, 1870-1871 VIII. The Temptation of Saint Anthony. The Beginning of Bouvard and Pecuchet. Le Candidat. Three Tales, 1872-1877 IX. The Last Years. Bouvard and Pecuchet, 1877-1880 Appendix I: Flaubert's Niece Caroline Appendix II: "Reply to a Friend" by George Sand Appendix III: The Broken Friendship: Flaubert and Laporte Appendix IV: The Pavilion at Croisset Works of Related Interest Index


Francis Steegmuller is the author of more than twenty books and a recipient of numerous awards and honors. His translation of Madame Bovary is an acknowledged classic. In 1982 the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters awarded him its Gold Medal for Biography.


These letters have the same fascination and compelling narrative drive as those in the first volume...We have, in the guise of letters, what comes close to being a full-fledged biography. -- Howard Moss Washington Post Book World [Steegmuller's] ear is so keenly attuned to the modulations of this correspondence and his craft is so accomplished that the English text is, as it were, transparent and trans-vocal. It is the voice of Flaubert we hear or, more precisely, the oral qualities of his epistolary style. Steegmuller plays Flaubert for us the way a musician plays the music of a master. -- Victor Brombert American Scholar Steegmuller's connecting narrative and his annotations make this second volume as rich and attaching as the first. And, for once, Flaubert is seen alive and enacting himself. -- V. S. Pritchett The Atlantic again a deft, witty and indefatigable commentator, stitching Flaubert's correspondence together with all the background information we need in order to appreciate it. Among his many fine asides, Mr. Steegmuller tells us that Proust disliked the style of Flaubert's letters even more than that of his novels; that Gide kept his volumes of them beside his bed like a bible. -- Anatole Broyard New York Times
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