Banking Crises, Liquidity, and Credit Lines: A Macroeconomic Perspective

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This book examines banking crises from the perspective of liquidity, offering a theoretical analysis that also sets the recent global financial crisis in its historical perspective.
Liquidity in the context of a banking crisis can refer either to currency or flexible goods. This book explores both views, arguing that a liquidity problem should be seen as an increased demand for currency. The book also addresses the question of whether systemic panic bank runs are always a case of market failure.
The volume examines where and how the market can fail in taking care of the liquidity problem, and explores the government 's role, offering suggestions for a new policy framework. This book will be of great interest to students and researchers in the field of banking and finance, as well as to practitioners and policy makers.


1. Introduction 2. Bank Solvency and Systemic Stability 3. The Rationale for Demand Deposits (and Short-Term Funds) 4. Literature Review, and the Road Ahead 5. Near-Systemic Bank Runs, Given Flexible More-Reputed Bank 6. Systemic Bank Runs, Given Flexible Central Bank 7. Systemic Bank Runs, Given Gold Standard 8. Implications of Inelastic Supply of Desired Assets 9. Bank Runs, Portfolio Choice, and Adjustment Mechanism 10. Bank Runs, Liquidity, and Consumption Smoothing 11. Bank Runs, and the Broad Policy Framework 12. Sudden Capital Outflow, Emerging Economies, and Credit Lines 13. 100% Reserve Banking, and the Nature of Inefficiency 14. More on Banking Crisis and Liquidity 15. Theory and the Actual Experience 16. Summing Up


Gurbachan Singh is a visiting faculty member in the Planning Unit (Department of Economics), Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Delhi.
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