Reinventing Free Labor: Padrones and Immigrant Workers in the North American West, 1880 1930

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This study is of the history of the padrone, a mafia-like immigrant boss who allegedly enslaved his compatriots.


List of illustrations and tables; Acknowledgements; Introduction; Part I. The World Padrones Made: 1. Free land and unfree labor; 2. Padrones and corporations; 3. Defenders of contract; Part II. Reinventing Free Labor: 4. Manhood mobilized; 5. Mobilizing community; 6. Spaces of freedom; Epilogue: the vanishing padrone; Appendices; Bibliography; Index.


'Skilfully blending biography and cultural analysis - and using sources in four languages - Gunther Peck has written a superb study of the immigrant padrones and their workers. Peck manages to place a crucial passage in American labor history in a truly global context, while remaining sensitive to the peculiarities of his fascinating cast of characters. It is a tour de force.' Sean Wilentz, Princeton University 'Selecting three dramatically different case studies of padrone-immigrant worker relationships- encompassing Italians in Canada, Greeks in Utah, and Mexicans on both sides of the Rio Grande - Peck manages at once to convey the specificity of each of these three contexts while at the same time making a larger case for the meaning of such examples of coerced labor within a society self-consciously dedicated to the principles of 'free labor'. Altogether, this is a work of stunning originality, prodigious research, and well-ordered prose.' Leon Fink, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 'Gunther Peck reworks familiar ideas about free labor and reconceives the historical spaces in which they have operated. His analysis is a wonderful combination of engagement with both the structural constraints of capitalism at a given moment and the ways in which seemingly powerless workers contest, challenge and sometimes change the economic and social limits that they face and the ideologies intended to confine them.' Richard White, Stanford University
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