Historical Dictionary of Lutheranism

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April 2001



This historical dictionary examines the development of Lutheranism from its inception in the 16th century to its place as one of the largest and most influential Protestant denominations in the modern world. This book explores Lutheranism's middle position between Roman Catholicism/ Eastern Orthodoxy and the Reformed Presbyterian and other Protestant Churches. It is well-suited to the religious scholar and those with a historical interest in church development.


Dr. Gunther Gassmann now teaches at the Gettysburg Seminary and was previously president of the Central Office of the United Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Germany, then associate director of the Department of Studies of the Lutheran World Federation and finally director of the Commission on Faith and Order of the World Council of Churches. Dr. Duane H. Larson is president of the Wartburg Theological Seminary at Dubuque. Dr. Mark W. Oldenburg is professor of liturgics at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg.


The articles are by and large clear and succinct, offering essential knowledge...the book can be an invaluable resource for college students and seminarians. Religious Studies Review Gunther Gassmann...has provided yet another incalculable service to theologians, historians, pastors, students, and anyone the least bit interested in the Lutheran churches of the world...Every English-speaking church library should purchase a copy of this book...There is simply no other current source in English where this much information is packed into such a usable form. Theologische Literaturzeitung This obvious labour of love is an important collection of articles and a repository of information on one branch of the Christian faith over the past five hundred years. Journal Of Religious Thought The book commends itself as an important reference addition to any library--church, university, or seminary. Lutheran Quarterly ...the excellent general bibliographies at the end include most of the major English-language studies on Lutheran topics...more up-to-date than anything else will prove valuable to readers who want good, basic information on the subject. Choice
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