Electrostatic Hazards

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The book makes extended use of case studies to illustrate the principles being expounded, thereby making it far more open, accessible and attractive to the practitioner in industry than the highly theoretical texts which are also available. The authors have many years' experience in the area behind them, including the professional teaching of the content provided here. G??nter L??ttgens is a widely acknowledged consultant who travels Europe providing training to major industrial corporations on this subject, whilst Norman Wilson practices what is written here in his professional capacity with the British Textile Technology Group. Extended use of case studies to illustrate the principles.This makes the book far more open, accessible and attractive to the practitioner in industry than the highly theoretical texts also available. Authors have many years experience in the area Both authors have been widely published with considerable previous book-writing experience.


Introduction; Danger of Fire and Explosion; Origins of Static Electricity; Principles of Safety Measures; Electrostatic Gas Discharges as an Ignition Source; Case Histories Related to Brush Discharges; Case Histories Related to Cone Discharges; Case Histories Related to Propagating Brush Discharges; Case Histories Relating to Spark Discharges - Dusts, Hybrid Mixtures, Liquids; Case Histories Not Related to Electrostatics; Nuisances and Shock for Personnel; Index.


'This book provides industrial practitioners an insight into the nature of static electricity, and cites specific examples of problems that can occur in the workplace, along with suggested safety measures that can be taken...the case studies provide much useful information...a useful addition to the technical library of chemical engineers involved in process safety/loss prevention, design, and production.' Jnl. of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries 'This book provides a valuable reference to safety professional personnel involved in chemical, agricultural, pharmaceutical and petrochemical process engineering.' Health and safety at Work. 'This book provides a comprehensive guide to the dangers of static electricity and how to avoid them.' International Logistics
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