Excellence in Public Relations and Communication Management

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Juni 1992



This book is the initial volume coming out of the "excellence project"--a comprehensive research effort commissioned by the IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) Research Foundation. The purpose of this project was to answer two fundamental questions about public relations: What are the characteristics of an excellent communication department? How does excellent public relations make an organization more effective, and how much is that contribution worth economically? The research team began its work with a thorough review of the literature in public relations and related disciplines relevant to these questions. What started as a literature review, however, has ended in a general theory of public relations, one that integrates most of the wide range of ideas about, and practices of, communication management in organizations.


Contents: Preface. J.E. Grunig, Communication, Public Relations, and Effective Organizations: An Overview of the Book. Part I: The Basic Theory. J.E. Grunig, J. White, The Effect of Worldviews on Public Relations Theory and Practice. L.A. Grunig, J.E. Grunig, W.P. Ehling, What Is an Effective Organization? J. White, D.M. Dozier, Public Relations and Management Decision Making. F.C. Repper, How Communication Managers Can Apply the Theories of Excellence and Effectiveness. Part II: The Program Level: Effective Planning of Communication Programs. J.E. Grunig, F.C. Repper, Strategic Management, Publics, and Issues. D.M. Dozier, W.P. Ehling, Evaluation of Public Relations Programs: What the Literature Tells Us About Their Effects. D.M. Dozier, F.C. Repper, Research Firms and Public Relations Practices. Part III: The Departmental Level: Characteristics of Excellent Public Relations Departments. J.E. Grunig, What Is Excellence in Management? W.P. Ehling, D.M. Dozier, Public Relations Management and Operations Research. J.E. Grunig, L.A. Grunig, Models of Public Relations and Communication. D.M. Dozier, The Organizational Roles of Communications and Public Relations Practitioners. W.P. Ehling, J. White, J.E. Grunig, Public Relations and Marketing Practices. D.M. Dozier, L.A. Grunig, The Organization of the Public Relations Function. L.C. Hon, L.A. Grunig, D.M. Dozier, Women in Public Relations: Problems and Opportunities. W.P. Ehling, Public Relations Education and Professionalism. Part IV: The Organizational Level: The Conditions That Make Excellence in Public Relations Possible. L.A. Grunig, How Public Relations/Communication Departments Should Adapt to the Structure and Environment of an Organization...And What They Actually Do. L.A. Grunig, Power in the Public Relations Department. L.A. Grunig, Activism: How It Limits the Effectiveness of Organizations and How Excellent Public Relations Departments Respond. J.E. Grunig, Symmetrical Systems of Internal Communication. K. Sriramesh, J.E. Grunig, J. Buffington, Corporate Culture and Public Relations. K. Sriramesh, J. White, Societal Culture and Public Relations. Part V: The Economic Level: What Public Relations and Communication Contribute to the Bottom Line. W.P. Ehling, Estimating the Value of Public Relations and Communication to an Organization.
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