Changing Venezuela by Taking Power: The History and Policies of the Chavez Government

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Dezember 2006



Subtitled, "The History & Policies Of The Chavez Government". Examines Chavez's role in the changing governance of the country. 'A fascinating study - deeply informed, penetrating in its analysis,' Noam Chomsky


Greg Wilpert is a sociologist, freelance journalist and a former US Fulbright Scholar in Venezuela


"This fascinating study--deeply informed, penetrating in its analysis, comprehensive in scope--explores the historical and socioeconomic roots of the Venezuelan initiatives of recent years, the conflicts they have engendered, the achievements and pitfalls, the animating ideals of a genuinely participatory society, and the prospects for realizing them in ways that, if successful, might have significant impact not only for Latin America but well beyond."--Noam Chomsky"Gregory Wilpert's book combines academic insight with perspectives gained from living in Venezuela through the tumultuous years of the Chavez administration. His book offers the best general introduction to the complex politics of a country and a leader making a profound impact on global politics at the dawn of this new century."--Daniel Hellinger"Greg Wilpert knows Venezuela intimately and gives us the most thorough and objective analysis of the Chavez government's policies we are likely to find. A thoughtful and useful book for the 21st century and, let us hope, beyond."--Susan George"Wilpert presents a detailed, comprehensive and balanced account of the Bolivarian revolution."--"Science & Society"
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