Marine Structures Engineering: Specialized Applications

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April 1995



Marine Structures Engineering is designed to help engineers meet the growing worldwide demand for construction of new ports and the modernization of existing ports and terminals. It provides an authoritative guide to the design, construction, rehabilitation, repair, and maintenance of port and harbor structures. Each chapter is self-contained, allowing readers to access specific information. The Author draws on his extensive experience in offshore structure and port engineering to demonstrate evaluation, rehabilitation, repair, and maintenance of in-service marine structures. Also covered in detail are state-of-the-art approaches to: *marine structures in cold regions, with special attention to the role of ice loads, permafrost, and other ice effects *shiplifts, marine railways, shipways, and dry docks *offshore moorings *floating breakwaters *marinas *structures that protect bridge piers from ship impact. Offering practical information on all aspects of marine structures, this book serves as an indispensable resource to all engineers and professionals involved in design, construction, maintenance, and modernization of ports and harbors.


Preface. Introduction. Contributors. The0dock-in-service: evaluation of load carrying capacity, repair, rehabilitation. Marine structures in cold regions. Shiplifts, marine railways, shipways, and dry (graving) docks. Offshore moorings. Floating breakwaters. Marinas. Bridge pier protection from ship impact. Index.


This book is not just an overview but provides realistic calculations enabling one to not only understand the forces involved, but to design structures to tolerate such forces. It is an easy-to-read book and could be invaluable to the non-specialist engineer as well as marine engineers working in port and terminal environments. It is a book that can be confidently recommended. - Environmental Engineering
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