Earthquake Nation

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A cultural history of Japanese earthquakes at the turn of the 20th century and a look at their relationship to matters of modernization. The book synthesizes Japanese architecture, science, technology, labor, and art, while making theoretical contributions to the field of science studies.


List of Illustrations Acknowledgments Introduction 1. Strong Nation, Stone Nation 2. Earthquakes 3. The Seismologists 4. The National Essence 5. A Great Earthquake 6. Japan as Earthquake Nation 7. Japanese Architecture after NQbi 8. The Great KantQ Earthquake and the Submergence of the Earthquake Nation Notes Bibliography Index


Gregory Clancey, Assistant Professor of History at the National University of Singapore, is editor, with Alan Chan and Loy Hui-chieh, of Historical Perspectives on East Asian Science, Technology, and Medicine (2002) and editor, with M.R. Smith, of Major Problems in the History of American Technology (1998).


"This is a work of extraordinary originality and lucidity. It reveals the surprising fact that earthquakes, in addition to being natural phenomena, have also been eminently social constructions. Clancey offers numerous insights on the origins of technical disciplines in Japan, and manages to do so in an expository style that is as engrossing as a detective novel." - Jordan Sand, author of House and Home in Modern Japan: Architecture, Domestic Space, and Bourgeois Culture, 1880-1930"
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Untertitel: The Cultural Politics of Japanese Seismicity, 1868-1930. 18 b/w photographs. Sprache: Englisch.
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