The Individual, Communication, and Society: Essays in Memory of Gregory Bateson

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Mai 2003



A collection of essays on communication written by leading scholars in honor of the work of the late Gregory Bateson.


Preface; 1. In search of the impertinent question: an overview of Bateson's theory of communication Robert W. Rieber; Part I. Mending the Connection Between Mind and Society: 2. Power, method, and ethics: a reflection on Bateson's view of moral and national character David Bakan; 3. The psychopathy of everyday life: antisocial behaviour and social distress Robert W. Rieber and Maurice Green; 4. Bateson's concept of mental illness Theodore Skolnik; Part II. Language and Communication in Context: 5. Language, languages, and song: the experience of systems (1968) Mary Catherine Bateson; 6. Affective and communicative problems in young, developmentally deviant language users Theodore Shapiro and Elena Goldstein Lister; 7. A cross-cultural study of language universals: the emotional meaning of iconic and graphic stimuli Robert W. Rieber, Oliver S. Tzeng and Carl Wiedmann; 8. Machine dreams: computers in the fantasies of young adults John M. Broughton; Part III. Mind and Paralinguistic Communication: 9. In search of coronary-prone behaviour Aron W. Siegman; 10. Two principles of communicative functioning Norbert Freedman; Part IV. Dialogues and Dialectics: 11. Gregory Bateson (1904-1980) and Oscar Wilde (1854-1900): a heavenly discourse Peter Ostwald; 12. Body and mind: a dialogue Gregory Bateson and Robert W. Rieber; Index.


"Valuable and thought-provoking; few recent books are as ambitious or catholic in their scope and succeed as well in surveying so many topics." --Choice
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