Petra and the Nabataeans: A Bibliography

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August 2003



This Bibliography attempts to pull together from widely disparate sources the literature of research on the Nabataeans, and especially on Petra, their capital. While the main focus of the bibliography is the time period of the Nabataeans, many articles, books, and chapters on Petra and its environs are included even if they discuss periods outside this time frame, including the Stone Age, the Roman period, the Islamic era, and the Crusades.


Chapter 1 Editor's Foreword Chapter 2 Introduction Chapter 3 Classified Subject Scheme Chapter 4 Bibliography Chapter 5 Appendix: Nabataean King List Chapter 6 Classified Subject Index Chapter 7 Author and Editor Index Chapter 8 About the Author


Gregory A. Crawford is Head of Public Services and Associate Librarian at Pennsylvania State University at Harrisburg.


The reviewer has used Crown's A Bibliography of the Samaritans, both the 1984 and the 1993 revised editions, and finds the format, shared with this volume, extremely helpful. American Reference Books Annual Provides bibliographical information for 2,413 books and articles. New Testament Abstracts The forty-ninth publication of this bibliographic series captures the extraordinary wealth of Petra and Nabataean research...One of the additional values of this work is that it includes references to publication from outside the Nabataean era, including the early Stone Age and later Roman, Byzantine, Crusader, and Islamic periods...While it is aimed primarily at scholars, this small, comfortable book-over 221 pages in length-also offers intriguing possibilities for the general public to reference Nabataean sites, history, and culture in ways that had not been possible before. Moreover, it is a most comprehensive source of archival knowledge...This volume is an extensive source of information, and is where researchers should look first if they want to answer a specific question-for example, Nabataean fortification systems by location...This work is impressive both of its quality and its usefulness...this is a valuable and welcome reference tool and is a most useful source for Nabataean archaeological research. Journal Of The American Oriental Society ...a valuable contribution to the field, as it will function as a useful and practical tool for further research on this constantly expanding subject. Journal Of Near Eastern Studies, Vol. 66, No. 2 Recommended. CHOICE
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