Bibliographia Cartesiana

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This book offers a new type of working tool for Cartesian studies. It presents the literature of the last 160 years in alphabetical order (Part Two), combined with a systematic analytical survey (Part One) and a detailed topical index to the whole (Part Three). This organization makes it possible to turn bibliogra­ phy from a repository of references into a workshop of research. The system­ atic survey of Part One and the topical index of Part Three, together, offer a mise au point of Descartes studies over their full historical and topical range. The results have often been surprising and illuminating to the author, and if his experience is any guide, the reader, too, will begin to wonder about certain seemingly well-settled points, or marvel at the Protean shapes which our elusive philosopher assumes when mighty commentators force him to reveal his true nature. A work which has been in the making for fifteen years must show the traces of expansion in scope, and changes in evaluation. Bibliographia cartesiana amends my Descartes chapter in A Critical Bibliography of French Literature, v. 3, 1961 (see no. I9a), and supersedes an earlier version of Parts One and Two, published in 1959 under the main title Descartes and his Philosophy, v. 1 (set: no. I8a). Part I (Introduction to Descartes Studies) divides the field into eleven broad areas.


One. Introduction to Descartes Studies [1-562].
- I. Bibliography and Reference 1-33.- Selected Literature Surveys 22-33.
- II. Collectanea 35-42.
- III. Editions 74-92b.- Basic Editions 74-83.- Other Useful Editions 84-92b.
- IV. Biography 93-126.- Origin and Formative Years 93-101.- Descartes' "Dream" and "Rosicrucianism" 102-108.- The Descartes Legend 109-115.- Personal Relations 116-120.- Basic Biographies 121-126.
- V. Introduction to Descartes 127-146b.
- VI. Fundamental Interpretations 147-194a.
- VII. The Philosophy of Descartes: General Studies and Monographs 195-233.
- VIII. The Philosophy of Descartes: Special Topics 235-350.
- IX. Mathematics and Sciences 351-402.
- X. Esthetics and Literary Influence 402a-429a.
- XI. After Descartes 430-470.
- XII. Collectanea, Commemorations, Exhibitions [501-562].- (1596-1896) Birth of Descartes 501-504.- (1629-1929) Descartes enrolls at Franeker University 505.- (1637-1937) Discours de la méthode 506-540.- (1596-1946) Birth of Descartes 541.- (1650-1950) Death of Descartes 542-560.- Other Collectanea 561-562.- Two. Alphabetical Bibliography 1800-1960 [1001-3612].- Three. Indices.- Systematic Index.- Analytical Index.- Abbreviations.
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Untertitel: A Critical Guide to the Descartes Literature 1800-1960. 'International Archives of the History of Ideas / Archives internationales d'histoire des idées'. Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1964. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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