The Return of the Baroque in Modern Culture

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The Return of the Baroque in Modern Culture explores the re-invention of the early European Baroque within the philosophical, cultural, and literary thought of postmodernism in Europe, the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America.


Introduction: Why the Baroque? Part One: Renovations of the Seventeenth Century Baroque; 1. Historical Antecedents in Baroque Criticism and Theory; 2. The Baroque Mechanism: Jose-Antonio Maravall; 3. The Baroque Eon: Eugenio d'Ors; Part Two: Baroque and Modern; 4. Baroque and Anti-Baroque: Octavio Paz; 5. The rhetoric of Baroque Temporality: Paul de Man; 6. The Baroque Angel of History: Walter Benjamin; Part Three: Baroque and Post-modern; 7. The Baroque Thesis: Michel Foucault; 8. Un Baroque recit: Gerard Genette; 9. From Baroque emblem to Post-modern Panaramagram: Yury; Lotman and Jacques Derrida; Part Four: Baroque and Postcolonial; 10. A Baroque Conspiracy: Jorge-Luis Borges; 11. Literature, Taxonomy and 'The New World': Severo Sarduy; 12. A Baroque Return: Alejo Carpentier; Conclusion: One or Many Baroques?


Gregg Lambert is Associate Professor in English and Textual Studies at Syracuse University and author of The Non-Philosophy of Gilles Deleuze.


'...compelling and exciting material...finely sensitive...fodder for conceptual, affective and perceptual remains to be seen, and so as yet to be written, whether others will step over Lambert's inspiring footsteps to deepen and to amplify his learned and spirited wide-ranging analysesfor a truer understanding of the movement, the genre, the cycle, the table and the dynamism of modern and of postmodern baroque culture for a profounder grasp, aboe all, of our contemporaneity.'--Sanford Lakoff
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