Reading Sensation Critically

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August 2008



Lady Audley's Secret (1862) was the work most
responsible for securing Mary Elizabeth Braddon's
position among the defining sensation novelists of
the Victorian period. Her name continues to remain
inextricably linked with her first best seller. This
study, however, offers a provocative new reading of
Braddon's fiction by focusing on the ways in which
she labored in the 1860s and 1870s to transmute the
sensation genre that initiated her career into a
literary form worthy of critical recognition.
This book offers close readings of seven of
Braddon's novels serialized in Belgravia between 1866
and 1875 that fail to conform to the pattern of
sensation fiction. An analysis of Braddon's fiction,
its critical reception, and letters to her mentor Sir
Edward Bulwer-Lytton, highlight her efforts to escape
the negative associations of the sensation label that
defined her as a writer in the Victorian period and
that often continues to serve as a reductive index of
her fiction.
This study provides scholars and students with a
fuller sense of Braddon as a professional writer who
worked to redefine the sensation genre as both
artistic and instructive.


Sammantha M. Graves studied Victorian Literature at the
University of South Carolina, Columbia.
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