The Cambridge Handbook of Physics Formulas

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An invaluable quick-reference aid of more than 2000 of the most useful maths and physics formulas.


1. Units, constants and conversions; 2. Mathematics; 3. Dynamics and mechanics; 4. Quantum physics; 5. Thermodynamics; 6. Solid state physics; 7. Electromagnetism; 8. Optics; 9. Astrophysics; Index.


'... all physicists need equations, just like animals need meals. And when the equation hunger arises, and you want to satisfy it quickly, efficiently and satisfactorily, Woan's book is what is required. The Cambridge Handbook of Physics Formulas is just the ticket for the efficient undergraduate physicist and engineer.' David Hughes, Times Higher Education Supplement 'Here is a real gem of a book. Compactly arranged in an attractive tabular style, this handbook has just about every equation, definition and formula that you might want in doing undergraduate-level physics and astrophysics. I really like it. It's one book I won't lend out.' Professor Paul Hodge, University of Washington, Seattle 'This handbook is a stimulating and crisp synopsis of fundamental physics, to be enjoyed with profit by beginner and expert alike.' Professor Adam Burrows, University of Arizona, Tucson 'An extremely useful collection of formulas from all branches of physics. Lecturers and students will find it invaluable.' Professor Andrew King, University of Leicester 'Better than a mere reference, this book is a great refresher course in undergraduate physics.' Professor Douglas Heggie, University of Edinburgh 'Invaluable, it will never be more than an arm's length from where I work. Every, and I mean every, physicist needs a copy.' Dr David Hughes, University of Sheffield 'Erudite, comprehensive and spiced with humour this is an incredibly useful compilation. A handy little gem of a book.' Professor Anthony Hewish, Nobel Laureate, University of Cambridge 'Compactly arranged in an attractive tabular style, this handbook has just about every equation, definition and formula to meet the needs the practitioners of the subject. A must for every physicist and astrophysicist.' Professor Douglas Lin, University of California, Santa Cruz 'The coverage of this book is wide ... and the indexing is good ... a book which should be in every physics library, and which professional physicists as well as students should think of adding to their personal libraries'. P. H. Borcherds, European Journal of Physics 'I have already used it in checking some students' written work, and I can see that it will be valuable to all physics students and working physicists. I shall certainly use mine, and get one for the library. ... I firmly recommend that you have one close at hand.' Guy Pooley, The Observatory 'It is a compact presentation of useful equations and formulae ... of everything you need to know about physics.' Sue Bowler, Astronomy and Geophysics '... a quick reference aid for students and professionals in the physical sciences and engineering ... The Cambridge Handbook of Physics Formulas comprehensively covers the major topics explored in undergraduate physics courses ... All students and professionals in physics, applied mathematics, engineering, and other physical sciences want to have this essential reference book within easy reach.' Physics Courier '... a quick-reference aid for providing those essential details just when you need them the most. All students and professional scientists will want to have this useful and affordable reference book in their collection.' Physics in Canada
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