The Credit Crunch: Housing Bubbles, Globalisation and the Worldwide Economic Crisis

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August 2008



'A timely analysis of the pressures on world money markets and the fundamental weaknesses in the global financial system.' - Hamish McRae, Independent


Preface - Save Burberry Jobs1 - Globalisation and Credit Growth2 - Overinvestment and financial crises3 - Addicted to Debt4 - 'Free trade' and Asset Inflation5 - Dealing With The Fallout6 - Emerging Market Bubbles7 - Battling Deflation In Japan8 - Policy Failure In A Liquidity Trap9 - Where are we heading?NotesIndex


Graham Turner is the founder of GFC Economics, an independent economic consultancy which provides forecasting services for some of the world's largest banks. He has worked in the financial sector for over 20 years, spending the 1990s working for Japanese banks.
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