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Taxi! is the first book-length history of New York City cabdrivers and the community they comprise. From labor unrest and racial strife to ruthless competition and political machinations, this deftly woven narrative captures the people -- lower-class immigrants and blacks, for the most part -- and their hard-scrabble struggle to capture a piece of the American dream. Hodges tells the tale through contemporary news accounts, Hollywood films, social science research, and the words of the cabbies themselves.


Graham Russell Gao Hodges, a former New York City cabdriver, is the Distinguished Fulbright Professor of History at Peking University and the George Dorland Langdon, Jr. Professor of History at Colgate University.


Hodges' story will be a pleasure for both scholarly and general interest readers. Highly recommended. Library Journal 2007 Taxi! is not only lively and erudite social history, it is probably the best account of taximen that is ever to be written... The cabby is fortunate, however, to have found his sociological poet laureate in Graham Hodges. In the taxi trade, we would have called this fascinating trip in his gregarious company, 'a great fare.' Wall Street Journal 2007 In this informative, solid history, Graham Russell Gao Hodges traces the story of the cab drivers from 1907, when the first metered taxis appeared on New York streets, to the present. -- Pete Hamill New York Times Book Review 2007 The definitive book on New York cabs. -- Bob Minzesheimer USA Today 2007 Hodges draws from driver memoirs, taxi publications, and the drivers' image as seen in the movies and on television. This is an interesting, readable study of the role of the taxis in New York's history, especially the struggles the drivers face. Choice
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