Indigenous Religions: A Companion

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Januar 2000



An exploration of how the study of indigenous religions can contribute to a richer understanding of human identity, action and relationships. The contributors discuss representative indigenous religions from all continents in relation to specific themes, illustrating a variety of approaches.


Part 1 People: the cosmos as intersubjective - Native American other-than-human persons, Kenneth M. Morrison; native womanism -exemplars of indigenism in sacred traditions of kinship, M.A. Jaimes Guerrero; shamans, Piers Vitebsicy; witchcraft and healing among the Bangwa of Cameroon, Fiona Bowie; Rattray's request -spirit possession among the Bono of West Africa, Jan G. Platvoet. Part 2 Powers: Mana and Tapu - sacred knowledge, sacred boundaries, Pater I. Mataira; magic, religion and secularity among the Azande and Nuer, Berel Dov Lerner; the dreaming in contemporary Aboriginal Australia, Lynne Hume; ecology and religion in Karuk orientations toward the land, Sean M. Connors. Part 3 Gift: art works in Aotearoa, Graham Harvey; music, art and movement among the Yoruba, Olu Taiwo; the unwieldy promise of ceremonies - the case of the Jakalteko May's dance of the conquest, Charles D. Thompson; rites of passage among the Lohorung Rai and East Nepal, Charlotte E. Hardman; gifts for the Sky Peole - animal sacrifice, head hunting and power among the Naga of Burma and Assam, Mark R. Woodward; characteristics of African indigenous religions in contemporary Zimbabwe, James L. Cox; spirituality, values and boundaries in the revitalization of a Mi'kmaq community, Raoul R. Andersen et al; touching the past, teaching ways forward - the American Indian powwow, Ten Brewer.


Graham Harvey is Reader in Religious Studies at the Open University, UK.


"Wide-ranging The editor, best known for his work on contemporary paganism, provides an innovative introduction, framing the essays that follow theoretically and challenging the readers' presuppositions. The essays are relatively accessible to the non-specialist and would make a useful introductory text for an undergraduate course on religions not often covered in standard 'world religions' textbooks." Religious Studies Review
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