Analysing Qualitative Data

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Outlining how to select the most appropriate tool for analyzing data, Analysing Qualitative Data also provides the reader with an awareness of the various challenges that are unique to interpreting the conceptual and subjective data generated in qualitative research.


The Nature of Qualitative Analysis
Data Preparation
Thematic Coding and Categorizing
Analysing Biographies and Narratives
Comparative Analysis
Analytic Quality and Ethics
Getting Started with Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis
Searching and Other Analytic Activities Using Software
Putting it All Together


'The book gives very clear and straightforward information about the preparation, reduction, and sorting of gathered data [...] [It] is full of practical advice, a lot of how-to-do suggestions, and useful examples, as well as the indications of the possible difficulties and dangers of
mistakes. All this makes it an interesting option for the teachers of a qualitative
research course as well as for novice researchers.' -
Ewa Krzaklewska
Forum: Qualitative Social Research
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