Ancient Hebrew Inscriptions: Volume 2: Corpus and Concordance

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Januar 2004



This second volume of Ancient Hebrew Inscriptions: Corpus and Concordance provides a comprehensive, up-to-date collection of the numerous texts in ancient Hebrew apart from the Bible that have come to the attention of scholars in recent years. The new material includes numerous ostraca from different sites and extensive information about the personal names in use in the biblical period. Also available: Volume 1: Corpus and Concordance 0-521-40248-4 Hardback $160.00 C


Introduction; 1. Corpus of new texts; 2. Concordance to the new texts; Additions and corrections to AHI; Synoptic tables.


Graham Davies is Professor of Old Testament Studies at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Fitzwilliam College. He is the author of Hosea (Old Testament Guide: 1993), Hosea (New Century Bible: 1992), Ancient Hebrew Inscriptions: Corpus and Concordance Vol. 1 (1991), Megiddo (1986), and The Way of the Wilderness (1979).


'Davies is to be warmly congratulated on this work of primary scholarship, which has made full use of the computer revolution, but as an aid to and not a substitute for the painstaking probing which our forefathers have taught us dare not be abandoned.' Society for Old Testament Study '... now all who have a little Hebrew should be able not only to find a text quickly and check whether the words and names it contains are common or rare but, perhaps most importantly, they will have at their disposal a wider context within which to appraise the wilder and more enthusiastic claims to which from time to time epigraphy ... is prone. All libraries at all catering for theological study should acquire this ... beautifully produced and potentially very valuable work of reference.' The Expository Times
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