Managing People and Organizations in Changing Contexts

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Managing People and Organizations in Changing Contexts addresses the contemporary problems faced by managers in dealing with people, organizations and managing change in a theoretically-informed and practical way. This up-to-the-minute textbook offers a unique alternative to the standard works that cover material on Organization Behaviour and Human Resource Management because it approaches people management from the perspective of managers and aspiring managers.


Acknowledgements vii Module 1 An Introduction to Managing People in Changing Contexts 1/1 1.1 Understanding Management 1.2 Management as a Set of Universal Truths 1.3 Stability and Change in Models of Management 1.4 Explaining Changing Mindsets 1.5 A Framework for the Course Module 2 The Nature of Management, Managers and their Work 2.1 A Framework for Understanding Managers and Their Work 2.2 A Framework for Understanding the Well-Rounded Manager 2.3 The Well-Rounded Manager 2.4 A Model of Effective Management 2 Module 3 Managing in the Individual- Organisational Context 3.1 Introduction 3.2 The Psychological Contract 3.3 Managing Psychological Contracts 3.4 Leadership in Organisations Module 4 Managing in the Organisational Context 4.1 Introduction 4.2 Organisational Structures 4.3 New Approaches to Organisational Design 4.4 Tests of Effective Organisational Design Module 5 Managing in an International Context 5.1 Introduction 5.2 National Differences in the Business Environment 5.3 National Cultural Values 5.4 Institutions and Business Systems 5.5 Managing in an International Context 5.6 Developing International Managers Module 6 The Corporate Context and Managing People 6.1 Introduction to Corporate Reputation, Identity, Brands and People Management 6.2 Defining and Explaining 'Corporateness' 6.3 Connecting Corporate Branding, Reputation and Identity to People Management 6.4 Modeling the Relationship between People Management, Identity, Brands and Reputation Module 7 The Knowledge Context and Managing People 7.1 Understanding the Nature of Knowledge, its Strategic Role and Impact on Managing People 7.2 The Knowledge-Based Economy 7.3 Knowledge-Based Enterprises 7.4 Knowledge Creation, Transfer and Utilisation 7.5 Images of Knowledge and Organisation 7.6 The Nature of Intellectual Capital 7 Module 8 The Technological Context and People Management 8.1 Understanding the Nature of Technological Change and its Relationship with Managing People 8.2 Defining Technologies and New Technologies: A Combination of 'Hardware and Software' 8.3 Developing a Framework for Exploring the Relationship between Technology and Human Resource Management 8.4 New Technologies and Managing People Module 9 Managing Organisational Change 9.1 Introduction 9.2 Models of Organisational Change 9.3 Changing Organisational Cultures 9.4 Lessons for Successful Organisational Change Appendix 1 Answers to Review Questions Appendix 2 Practice Final Examinations Index


Graeme Martin (BA, MSc, MBA, PhD) is director of the Centre for Reputation Management through People (CRMP) at the University of Glasgow. He is also Visiting Professor in Human Resource Management at the University of Colorado in Denver and holds visiting appointments in Italy, Sweden and Australia. He has published widely in the fields of international human resource management, organizational change, human resource development, human resource management and more recently, in eLearning. He has a background as an HR practitioner and has consulted widely with a number of firms and public sector organizations in the UK and in Australia.


'Professor Martin has produced a uniquely valuable book addressing a key function that managers must perform to be successful: to produce change and innovation through people. By integrating theories, concepts, and practices from organizational theory, organizational behavior, and human resource management, this book will allow students and practitioners to gain a broad understanding of the complex challenges faced by managers in today's dynamic organizational environments.' Herman Aguinis, Ph.D. Mehalchin Term Professor of Management The Business School University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center USA
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