The Evolving International Economy

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This book focuses on the main issues of trade and development, and on the attainment of the major development goals generally espoused in the international community: rapid development in the Third World, sustained economic expansion in the industrial countries and the eradication of deep inequalities and of extreme poverty. It consists of four parts. The first three give an overall analysis of the world economy, with commentary and conclusions on major issues of trade and development. The fourth part provides the intuitive basis for the main results within the context of the formal models, and rigorous proofs are found in the references given to the technical literature. The analysis is descriptive, focusing on the particulars of market behaviour and tracing the ways in which markets respond to policies, in the belief that policies cannot be viewed in a vacuum, but must be confronted with the responses of the market. The interplay of domestic policies and international markets is a main feature of the authors' analysis.


Preface; 1. Introduction; Part I. Industrial Economies and the International market: 2. Domestic policy issues; 3. Protectionism and the management of trade; Part II. The Role of Developing Countries: 4. Export strategies; 5. Armaments and North-South trade; 6. Aid, trade, and debt; 7. Resource and North-South trade; Part III. Summary: 8. The evolving world economy; Part IV. Theoretical Background: 9. Adjustment, stability, and returns to scale; 10. Large-scale technologies and patterns of trade; 11. North-South trade and export policies; 12. Aid and transfers.
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