The Back Pain Revolution

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Mai 2004



This is a medical text book aimed at all health care professionals who care for patients with back pain. It is a book for health professionals about the understanding and management of back pain. It has become established as one of the leading examples of a biopsychosocial approach to medicine. It sets out to challenge unsubstantiated beliefs regarding the best way to treat and manage back pain and to create an interdisciplinary debate on the subject. Patients and society are demanding more effective approaches to this huge problem. This requires a radical rethink among professionals about their individual contributions to the problem. This book is about the revolution that is taking place in this area.
Written by the world authority - probably the only person in the world who could write this book and have it accepted by all market groups
Addresses a huge problem of concern to many disciplines and governments
Presents an unbiased view - looks at the problem and the evidence and invites the readers to consider, debate and agree the best course of action
Covers all aspects of the problem - interventionist and conservative approaches to treatment, psychosocial issues, economic factors, patient education and prevention
A book which is acceptable to a wide audience addressing a major problem of concern (moral and financial) to them all


1. The Problem
2. Diagnostic Triage
3. Pain and Disability
4. The History of Back Pain
5. The Size of the Problem
6. Risk Factors
7. The Clinical Course of Simple Backache
8. The Physical Basis of Simple Backache
9. Physical Impairment
10. Illness Behavior
11. Psychological Distress


Gordon Waddell, DSc, MD, FRCS, Orthopedic Surgeon, Glasgow


Chiropractic Journal of Australia, December 2004
"Waddell's biopsychosocial model provides a most appropriate context in which clinicians of all hues may best address the problem. There is a more empathetic view with the patients's perspective. This second edition is a nice follow-up."
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