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A fast-paced and lucid account of how science fiction became fact.


1. Science fiction becomes science fact; 2. Mirror worlds; 3. An imbalanced kit of electrical parts; 4. The quantum master; 5. Positive proof; 6. The back passage of time; 7. The quark and the antiquark; 8. Broken mirrors; 9. The cosmic corkscrew; 10. Antiparticle collision course; 11. Setting a trap for antimatter; 12. Glue versus antichemistry; 13. Antimatter in action; 14. Antimatter of the utmost gravity.


Gordon Fraser works at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, Geneva, Switzerland, where he is Editor of CERN Courier, a monthly magazine covering all aspects of particle physics. He has been a Visiting Lecturer in Science Communication at several universities.


'I read Gordon Fraser's new book, Antimatter: the Ultimate Mirror, with awe and envy ... [he] has done an excellent job in making the arcane accessible, in a style that suggests adventure novel rather than dry scientific text. If more scientists could write like this, I dare say more would be understandable.' David Myton, Education Review 'Antimatter is the fuel of science fiction, propelling, for example, Star Trek's U.S.S. Enterprise, but its study is also a burgeoning branch of modern science. Fraser, a physicist at the CERN European Laboratory for Particle Physics in Geneva, here offers a thoughtful, no-nonsense account of the strange world of antimatter ... Written for the serious layperson, Fraser's absorbing narrative ... imparts a keen sense of the colorful personalities involved, and of their thought processes and discoveries, without ever introducing maths or burdensome technical detail.' Publishers Weekly '... a superb review on the prediction and discovery of antimatter ... this is a great 'must read' book.' Stuart Tovey, The Physicist 'This book introduced the Lewis Carroll world of antimatter ... this is a fast-paced and lucid account of how science fiction became fact.' Physics Courier
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