Care of Arthritis in the Older Adult

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November 2002



This concise guide provides nurses with the tools to help older adults with arthritis achieve the highest possible quality of life. Practical tips on nursing management, self care, and the importance of exercise are a focus throughout. Part one presents specific arthritic conditions in a uniform format -- epidemiology, clinical features and management, diagnosis, pharmacotherapy, and nursing management and interventions. Part two presents general strategies for managing arthritis, including comprehensive chapters on a pain management, exercise, and patient teaching. Any nurse working with the elderly will find this a fundamental resource.


Part 1 Arthritic disease and related diseases: osteoarthritis. Part 2 Managing arthritis: assessing and managing pain; exercise and physical therapy; patient teaching tools and self-help techniques; quality of life issues; alternative and complementary therapies; participating in sports with arthritis.
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