Death and Dying: A Sociological Introduction

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This stimulating new book provides a sophisticated introduction to the key issues in the sociology of death and dying.


Acknowledgements. Introduction. PART I. SOCIAL CHARACTERISTICS AND ATTITUDES TO DEATH. 1. Death, Denial and Diversity. 2. When and How People Die. 3. Life and Death in "Risk Society'. 4. Death, Religion and Spirituality. 5. Death and the Media. PART II. SOCIAL STRUCTURES AND INDIVIDUAL EXPERIENCES OF DYING. 6. Dying: Institutionalization and Medicalization. 7. The Good Death. 8. The Social Organization of Sudden Death. 9. The Dying and the Dead Body. PART III. POST-DEATH RITUALS OF REMEMBRANCE AND SURVIVAL BELIEFS. 10. Grief and Loss. 11. Relationships Between the Living and the Dead. 12. Mortuary Rituals. Conclusion: Resurrecting Death?. Notes. References. Index.


G. Howarth, Reader in Sociology, University of Bath


"A comprehensive and readable review of social scientific work published on death and dying over the last few decades. The author expertly develops that review by using aspects of what C. Wright Mills called 'the sociological imagination' ... The text is nicely rounded off with an extensive bibliography, a useful resource in itself." Mortality "A comprehensive and thoughtful overview of the subject area. But what is most refreshing about it is its powerful use of structure-agency debates as tools that both challenge problematic assumptions, and also highlight persistent intrinsic/structural inequalities. This book is also, and crucially, an important reminder of how sociological enquiry can help people who work as carers, researchers and teachers to challenge the inequity of service provision in death, dying and bereavement." British Journal of Sociology "A thoughtful, comprehensive, up-to-date, well-evidenced, general guide to sociological work on death and dying." Bereavement Care "This is a tour de force! Glennys Howarth has written a systematic and in-depth text about an area that is becoming increasingly relevant to many disciplines. Her encyclopaedic knowledge of the topic is conveyed comprehensively and accessibly to both the informed and an as yet uninformed readership. It should be essential reading for all those interested in developing their knowledge of dying, death, disposal and bereavement." Jeanne Katz, Open University
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