Voices from the Gathering Storm: The Coming of the American Civil War

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August 2001



Voices from the Gathering Storm explains the dramatic change in thinking about the nature and value of the American Union from 1846 to 1861 which impelled citizens from 11 southern states to declare independence and the remaining 22 states to fight the bloodiest war in the nation's history. This reader tells the story of seventeen Northerners and Southerners who lived through the critical fifteen years prior to the Civil War. In their letters and diaries, they describe in their own words what it was like to live during the sectional crisis and the coming of the war.


Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Cast of Characters Part 3 I: A Growing Rivalry between the North and South, 1846-53 Chapter 4 The Mexican War, Wilmot Proviso and Election of 1848 Chapter 5 The Compromise of 1850 Chapter 6 The Fugitive Slave Controversy, the Election of 1852, and Growing Sectionalism Part 7 II: Southern Successes, Northern Anxieties, 1854-57 Chapter 8 The Kansas-Nebraska Act, Bleeding Kansas, and the Republican Party Chapter 9 The Election of 1856 and its Aftermath Part 10 III: The Union Comes Apart, 1857-61 Chapter 11 Dred Scott, Kansas, and Events of 1858 Chapter 12 John Brown's Raid, Party Conventions, the Election of 1860 and Secession


Glenn Linden is associate professor of history at Southern Methodist University.


A well-regarded scholar of nineteenth-century history, Glenn Linden has produced a volume of contemporary sources focused on several key individuals that will be very useful for classes on the Civil War and Reconstruction. -- Eric Foner, Columbia University By drawing on many voices, this new book illustrates the enormity of the Civil War for American society. By staying with the chosen subjects over a period of crisis and change, Voices from the Gathering Storm shows what it was like to live through such a tumultuous time. -- Edward Countryman, Southern Methodist University Linden has shown great care in searching out relevant letters, speeches, diary entries and the like to illustrate the issues that polarized the country and led to secession and war. -- James M. McPherson, author of Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era
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