Ethernet Passive Optical Networks

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Ethernet Passive Optical Networks is the IEEE's (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) approved architecture of choice for the next generation of broadband access. Written by an author of the IEEE 802.3ah standard, this is the first book to explain the EPON architecture, analyze its performance, and annotate the standard. For any engineer or graduate student building equipment for broadband access or service provider offering such service, this will serve as the "authorized" guide to EPON.


<H4>PREFACE<H4>ACKNOWLEDGMENTS<H2>Part 1: Overview of Access Network Architectures<H3>Chapter 1: Introduction<H3>Chapter 2: Overview of PON Enabling Technologies<H3>Chapter 3: Access Network Architectures Based on TDMA PON<H3>Chapter 4: Emergence of Ethernet PON<H2>Part 2: EPON Architecture<H3>Chapter 5: EPON Overview<H3>Chapter 6: Logical Topology Emulation<H3>Chapter 7: Laser Control Function<H3>Chapter 8: Multi-Point Control Protocol: A Formal Specification<H3>Chapter 9: Forward Error Correction<H2>Part 3: System-Level Issues<H3>Chapter 10: EPON Encryption<H3>Chapter 11: Path Protection in EPON<H2>Part 4: EPON Performance<H3>Chapter 12: Baseline Efficiency<H3>Chapter 13: Discovery Slot Allocation<H3>Chapter 14: EPON with Static Slot Assignment<H3>Chapter 15: EPON with Dynamic Slot Assignment<H3>Chapter 16: Support for Differential Classes of Service<H3>Chapter 17: Objectives of EPON Scheduling Algorithm<H3>Chapter 18: Cousin-Fair Hierarchical Scheduling in EPON<H3>Chapter 19: Conclusion<H4>APPENDIX A: CHARACTERISTICS OF NETWORK TRAFFIC<H4>APPENDIX B: SYNTHETIC TRAFFIC GENERATION<H4>BIBLIOGRAPHY<H4>INDEX


Glen Kramer, Ph.D. (Petaluma, CA) is a System Architect with Teknovus, Inc. He is an active and voting member of IEEE 802.3ah "Ethernet in the First Mile" task force and made numerous contributions to the IEEE 802 plenary and interim meetings. He was one of the lead authors of the Multi-Point Control Protocol (MPCP) that became a baseline protocol for EPON architecture. He is the founder of the EPON forums and has written more research publications on the topic than any other individual. He teaches EPON tutorials at conferences and workshops around the world.
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