Religious Experience and Lay Society in T'Ang China: A Reading of Tai Fu's 'Kuang-I Chi'

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The remains of Tai Fu's lost collection Kuang-i chi preserve three hundred short tales of encounters with the other world. This study analyses these tales.


Acknowledgements; Note to the reader; Maps; 1. A sequence of voices; 2. A contemporary view; 3. The dynamics of Tai Fu's world; 4. The worshippers of Mount Hua; 5. Yu-ch'ih Chiung at An-yang; 6. Victims of the Yuan Ch'ao rebellion; 7. Mating with spirits; Appendix: the stories of Kuang-i chi; List of works cited; Index.


"The hallmark of this intriguing and provocative study is the immediacy of the voices from T'ang China that Dudbridge is able to enliven and present...Of particular value after the presentation of several texts is the appendix summary of all the extant entries. All interested scholars and students should find this book an exemplar of research." Linada L. Lam-Easton, Religious Studies Review "...we must also acknowledge the merits of Dudbridge's effort. Chief among these is the value of his book in sharpening our awareness of the inherently blurry line between the fictional and the documentary in medieval accounts of the strange." Don J. Wyatt, American Historical Review
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