Holistic Model for Quality in Higher Education:

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Mai 2010



The issue of quality has been a central to the debate on the performance of higher education for the past three decades. Critical analysis of the current situation indicates that there is a serious dichotomy between the academics and the funding bodies in relation to the measures adopted for quality. To develop a new approach, a detailed review of quality in higher education is carried out from different perspectives. A basis for a model for quality in higher education is developed by combining the practices advocated by several educationally-oriented models along with, the industrially-popular, Total Quality Management (TQM) model. A detailed analysis is carried out to identify the key features of the model. A methodology for the implementation of the model across the campus is developed. The implications of the model to higher education is discussed from several points of view. The conclusions seem to indicate a strong potential of the model to 'Holistically'address the issues of quality in higher education. The developments carried out in the book should be of great interest to university executives as well as academics interested in management issues in higher education.


Dr Gitachari Srikanthan M Tech, PhD,former Research Fellow (1999-2007),Centre for Management Quality Research, Business Portfolio, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.Former Associate Editor (2003-09), presently Editorial Board Advisory Member, Journal of Quality Assurance in Education, Emerald Publishing, UK
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