New Venture Investment

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New venture founders and their sponsors seek to create economic value by finding and commercializing new and better ways of doing things. It also requires a deeper understanding of the consequences of new venture investment as well as the various contextual factors that influence investment decisions and venture outcomes.


"New Venture Investment: Choices and Consequences" (A. Ginsberg, I. Hasan).

Asymmetry of information and of beliefs in venture capital (Y. Landskroner, J. Paroush).

Venture capital investments and 'Calcutta' auctions (S. Seshadri, Z. Shapira, C.L. Tucci).

The entrepreneur's initial contact with a venture capitalist. Why good projects may choose to wait (T. Burglund, E. Johansson).

How should entrepreneurs choose their investors? (D. Leshchinskii).

In quest for equity partners: The determinants of the going public-large blockholder choice (M. Bagella, L. Becchetti, B. Martini).

Exit decisions of entrepreneurial firms: IPOs versus M&As (I. Arikan).
Venture capital in financial systems: historical and modern perspectives (R. Sylla).
Canadian labor sponsored venture capital corporations: bain or boon? (D.J. Cumming, J.G. MacIntosh).

"New" stock markets in Europe: A 'new' exit for venture capital investments (F. Bertoni, G. Giudici, P. di Milano).

Post issue performance of hot IPOs (A. Sandstrom, J. Westerholm).

Is accounting information relevant to valuing European internet IPOs? (P. Knauff, P. Roosenboom, T. van der Goot).

"Deliberate Underpricing and Price Support: Venture Backed and Nonventured backed IPOs (B. Francis, I. Hasan, Ch. Hu).


...Twelve papers analyze the choices involved in new venture investments and the various contextual factors that influence investment outcomes. Journal of Economic Literature
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