The Good Supervisor: Supervising Postgraduate and Undergraduate Research for Doctoral Theses and Dissertations

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"The Good Supervisor" engages readers in dialogue and active reflection on the strategies of effective supervision of PhDs, postgraduate and undergraduate research. Accessibly written, it encourages supervisors to reflect on and enhance their research supervision practice with a diversity of students on a variety of research projects: Postgraduate and undergraduate levels, international and distance students; practice and professional research; research leading to creative process and products/creations; the PhD by publication; supervising your colleagues; interpersonal skills; managing diversity in learning styles, gender, age and culture. The book is also useful for students undertaking research. There is special focus on research skills development.and on supporting students through and beyond the examination process.


CONTENTS; Acknowledgements; Introduction; STAGE 1: FIRST STAGES OF RESEARCH SUPERVISION; GETTING STARTED; Supervision Differences; Supervisors Studying: Development Programmes; Establishing and Maintaining Good Supervisory Practices; STAGE 2: ESTABLISHING RESEARCH PROCESSES AND PRACTICES; Defining Titles, Research Questions, Conceptual Frameworks and Developing Proposals; Enabling Students to Carry Out a Successful Literature Review and a Theoretical Perspectives Chapter; Methodology, Methods and Ethics; Supervisory Dialogues; Encouraging Good Writing; STAGE 3: WORKING WITH STUDENTS; ISSUES FOR SUPERVISORS; Helping Students to Help Themselves and Each Other; Dealing with Difference: Working with Different Kinds of Learners and Learning Styles; Supervising International Students; Study and Support at a Distance; Gender and Research Studies; A Little too Close to Home: Supervising your Colleagues and/or Other Practice/Professional-based Research; New Ways: Supervising Creative Research Work and the PhD by Publication; Maintaining Momentum; STAGE 4: MANAGING THE RESEARCH PROCESS TO COMPLETION AND BEYOND; Writing Up the Thesis or Dissertation; The Examination Process and Examiners; Supporting Students Towards a Successful PhD Viva; Supporting your Student post Viva/Exam; Life after Research; References; Index


Gina Wisker is Director of Learning and Teaching Development, and MA Women's Studies coordinator at Anglia Polytechnic University, where she also teaches English. She is an Oxford centre for Staff and Learning development consultant, running workshops worldwide on learning and teaching, particularly on supervising postgraduates. She is author of a number of books and articles including The Postgraduate Research Handbook, and is co-editor and committee chair of the SEDA journal Innovations in Education and Teaching International.

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